Migrations/CMS Management

Web Site Migration: Moving Right Along

A website migration can be an extremely onerous undertaking, involving several phases of production. Most important, though, are the planning stages. My site migration service covers both pre and post production.  As such, you can hire me at any point during your process.

(Ongoing support is covered by general maintenance.)



  • Creating timeline for migration completion
  • Meeting with those whom you have determined have a vested interest in the site, including  stakeholders, developers, vendors, and users
  • Mapping out existing content
  • Auditing existing content
  • Selecting site features and architecture
  • Testing
  • Conducting needs assessments and soliciting information
  • Soliciting information for the new site
  • Creating proposed outline for new site
  • Creating content for new site

Post Production

  • Moving content into new system
  • User testing
  • Junior-editor training
  • Coordinating with your vendors, marketing, and technical teams