I’ll use this site to post thoughts on a variety of subjects, most notably, I think, but not exclusively, movies. (Who am I kidding? This site is going to venture off into who-knows-what. Just give it a little time..)

So, what do I think makes a good movie? The same thing that makes a good novel: the characters. I know, many would argue that plot and story are key, but I believe that if you’ve got good characters, you will get a good story. No matter where you put them, no matter what problem you give them. They (the characters) can’t help but perform.   And because they are interesting characters, they will  do interesting things.  And I will want to see it. And think about it. And maybe see it again.

That’s all I’ve got to say about myself for now, as I’m not the most fascinating topic of conversation.   I can, however ramble incessantly about that which I find fascinating about myself.   So I will stop right now—and continue to simply post a few thoughts on a couple of things.