Did you update the website? Do you have that new text? 

No??  Relax. Don’t Worry.
You might be understaffed, overworked or maybe even a little bit of both.  But still, your website needs to be updated. Or you might need original copy. Don’t let fatigue get in the way of producing the best written materials and/or keeping your website fresh.  You deserve the very best, and a I will devote 100 percent, every time.

  • Employees come and go.
  • Phone numbers change.
  • New news becomes old news.

And you’ve got things to do.  So take a look at the benefits of hiring your own personal web editor and writer.


Personalized customer service.
My key to ensuring customer satisfaction is listening to you, the client.

A better way.
Your needs come first, and this is why we begin our relationship with the free consultation. Together, we will discover the product and services that best fits your needs.

No funny stuff.
Have you ever had a conversation with a techie and felt that he or she purposely used technical jargon to confuse or intimidate you? You will not run into that problem with me.  I respect your input and welcome your suggestions. Everything is explained, step by step. No funny stuff, no jargon. No kidding.

Quick Turnaround
Are you worried about clients and friends accessing old information on your site? Are they looking right now? Today?! Don’t worry! In most cases, I can have your changes online in half a day or less.

Who says you have to spend your life savings in order to have a nice site? My rates are reasonable, and there are…

No Surprises!
You’ll get an accurate estimate of time and expense – before we begin the project. Because nothing is worse than discovering that you are over budget, especially if you find out towards the end of the project!

Budget worries
And if it looks like your project is heading over budget, I will inform you before it happens so that you may advise accordingly.

I offer flexibility
Sometimes, you’ll need a specific kind of writer for specialized projects. On the other hand, you don’t want that specialty writer to alienate audiences that might not be familiar with your field. My multifaceted communications background provides the know-how required to prepare diverse pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of copy do you produce?
Original materials range from medical research features to”how-to” step-sheets. Please see the writing page.

Do you write exclusively for the web?
No, I produce both on and offline copy.

What if I  only need small website changes like calendar updates or text edits? How long would that take?
These would be one-time updates, and are usually reflected online in less than a day.

My company has a large website and is planning major changes. We are working with a team of vendors and I don’t have the time to devote to this thing.  Can you help?
Yes! Sometimes major projects such as migrations and re-designs involve multiple teams.  The company or site owner needs to have a point person involved who understands and has hands on experience with the entire process, from wire-framing and conception through implementation and training. I am that person. Please see the maintenance and migration pages.

What if I need more than an occasional update? How does that work?
During the free consultation, we will conduct a site inventory and discuss an ongoing maintenance schedule tailored to your specific needs.

Will you do a site build-out?
Yes,  I will produce a new site for you within the WordPress framework.

What kinds of sites do you work on? 
I began my career using good ole’ HTML and notepad.  So I work on both non-content management sites, and also on sites that do sit within a content management system, such as Sitecore, Drupal, and WordPress.

If I needed a brad new website, would be able to  see it before its launched?
Sure! I can send you a PDF of what the site will look like, or if you prefer, I can password protect the site.

Are your writing and web services independent of each other?
You can use my services separately or you can combine them.